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How to install and use the Save to Google Drive Extension by Justin Nardella


This screen cast explains how to download and use the Save to Google Drive extension.

Remind App: Simple, free and safe communication for teachers and students.


Often times students will use the excuse “We had homework?  You didn’t tell us that!”  at the start of class. Most of the time students who do this never had any intention of… Continue reading

A Review of DocHub by Dana Landry


       DocHub is a PDF annotation chrome extension. It is available for free in the chrome store. This extension allows for the the user to add text boxes, highlight, draw, etc.… Continue reading

Notable: PDF annotation for Chromebooks By Dana Landry and Kayla Carroll: Interview with CEO


Notable could replace paper in math class for Chromebook users. This PDF editor has fantastic features which can easily be used for the classroom.

Apps and Extensions for Science Classes by Gabe Landau


With a greater emphasis on integrating  technology in to teaching and learning, , more and more applications and extensions have been developed for classroom use. In particular, a lot of developers have been… Continue reading

Screenleap by Gabe Fadel


Overview: Screenleap is a program that allows users to share their screens with each other over the internet. It can be used for a variety of different purposes. It can be used for… Continue reading

Kaizena by Matt Germano


Name: Kaizena Platforms: Web Cost: Free Summary: Kaizena allows teachers to give fast, high quality, and personal feedback on student work. The service enables teachers to highlight and speak to give verbal feedback, or attach reusable resources for… Continue reading

Mystorybook Website Review

by can be used in many ways in the classroom. the website allows a student to create an online illustrated story which can be shared with a teacher or a class easily.

iPads vs. Chromebooks: One student’s opinion by guest blogger Mitchell Rodriguez


This year at Lynnfield High School, seniors and freshmen were given Chromebooks, which is a change since the other classes got iPads. In my opinion, this was a great decision. I prefer Chromebooks… Continue reading

Feedly by Nick Fabrizio


Link: ( Platforms:  (Web Browser) Cost: (Free version available) Summary: Feedly is a web application that allows you to subscribe to various news sources and receive summaries and a picture of their most… Continue reading

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