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Screenleap by Gabe Fadel


Overview: Screenleap is a program that allows users to share their screens with each other over the internet. It can be used for a variety of different purposes. It can be used for… Continue reading

What is Leap Motion? by Gabe Fadel


The Leap Motion is a new piece of technology that allows users to interact with their computers in an entirely unique way, with their hands. ┬áThe Leap is a tiny piece of hardware,… Continue reading

How to Edit and View Tables on an iPad from Google Docs by Matt Parziale and Gabe Fadel


Alternatives to printing with Chromebooks -By Gabe Fadel


This year Chromebooks have been introduced to our school on amuch larger scale than previous years. ┬áBoth the Senior and the Freshman classes have the advantage to use these devices in their classes.… Continue reading

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