Remind App: Simple, free and safe communication for teachers and students.

Often times students will use the excuse “We had homework?  You didn’t tell us that!”  at the start of class. Most of the time students who do this never had any intention of doing the work, however sometimes students genuinely forget that they were assigned something or they had questions they wanted to ask the teacher about parts of the assignment. Well with the Remind app those students will have a safe and effective way to contact teachers about assignments that they had in class via text messaging.

The Remind app uses a third-party to send messages between students and teachers without sharing phone numbers. This is done by simply sharing a code similar to the way google classroom works. In fact teachers are able to create “Classes” on the app in order to send mass messages to everyone who is in that class. Teachers will easily be able to send messages to inform their students on what assignments they have and answer any questions students may have. 

The app itself is free, however, because it uses the phones text messaging capability, some people may get charged for the texts depending on your phone plan.

The Remind app is available on  IOS , Android (it also can be used in browser so it will work on Chromebooks too!)