Apps and Extensions for Science Classes by Gabe Landau

VirtualAstro-Stargazing-Graphic-copyWith a greater emphasis on integrating  technology in to teaching and learning, , more and more applications and extensions have been developed for classroom use. In particular, a lot of developers have been building applications for science classes. It’s a great way to get anatomical diagrams, astrological maps, equation solvers, and more. We have collected some of our favorite Google Chrome extensions that provide tools for science and we think you may enjoy them too!
3D Solar System Web
3D Solar System Web is a chrome extension that allows users to explore our solar system in 3D. It gives descriptions of the planets, and shows their locations and orbits at different times. It’s useful for astronomy classes and also for exploring.
Anatomy Games
Anatomy Games is a collection of different games, puzzles, quizzes, and more for learning about the human body. It was designed for physical education classes, but can also be used in Anatomy and Physiology classes to show and learn about the human body. It contains games for people of all ages.
Periodic Table
Periodic Table is a basic application which shows a simple, user friendly periodic table. It gives a variety of information about each element, and it’s very useful for chemistry classes when you don’t want to carry around a large, detailed periodic table. This one is simple and easy to use, but also detailed and descriptive.
Biology Pop
Biology Pop is a library of helpful biology information. It has academic articles, videos, visual representations, libraries of information, and also some games and quizzes to help with learning. It has information ranging from molecular biology, to zoology, to viruses and bacteria. It also has a news section so you can read about the latest and greatest updates in the fields of biology.
Science Penguin
Science Penguin works much like Biology pop, except on a much larger scale. It contains information about famous scientists, researchers, mathematicians, etc. It also contains excerpts from famous books and works of  great scientists. Like Biology Pop, it also contains games and news articles to help learn, but unlike Biology Pop, it contains information dating all the way back to the Middle Ages! It’s a very robust and information-packed app that’s great for projects or general research.
Unit Converter
While it’s not made specifically for science classes, the unit converter help is especially helpful for Physics and Chemistry.  You are able to convert between units without complicated formulas or a calculator. It’s a great time-saver app!