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Transforming the Helpdesk Office


The LHS Student helpdesk office (located in our media center) recently underwent a major renovation. The room started out as an audio-visual storage closet, containing old overhead projectors, televisions, shelving units, and a… Continue reading

Apps and Extensions for Science Classes by Gabe Landau


With a greater emphasis on integrating  technology in to teaching and learning, , more and more applications and extensions have been developed for classroom use. In particular, a lot of developers have been… Continue reading

iPhone 6 — Is It Worth It? By Guest Blogger Mitchell Rodriguez


Summary The iPhone 6 is the biggest change in iPhone since its release in 2007. With a completely redesigned body and the new iOS 8, the new iPhone shows that Apple is capable… Continue reading

How Do You Edit PDFs on a Chromebook? by Gabe Landau


Name: Notable PDF Chrome Extension Link: Platforms:  Web (with the Chrome Browser), Chrome OS Cost: Anyone can connect a Google Account to Notable for free, there are some premium features that cost… Continue reading

Chrome Extension Review: LastPass – by: Gabe Landau


Many schools are now becoming familiar with chrome devices. Chromebooks are a less expensive, and more secure alternative to normal laptops. Many people become confused with the concept that the Chromebook does not… Continue reading

LHS Students will present at Burlington Summit by Gabe Landau


LHS Students will present at Burlington Summit by Gabe Landau If you’ve read our blog before, you’ll know about the Lynnfield High School’s 1:1 iPad program for Freshman and Sophomores. Our student help… Continue reading

Aurasma by Gabe Landau


Augmented Reality is a relatively new way to create interesting and interactive presentations and projects. It allows you to take any image, object, structure, place, or anything that you can take a picture… Continue reading

Summer App Review: MyFitnessPal by Gabe Landau


Continuing my reviews of fitness/nutrition apps, here comes one of my personal favorites. It’s called, MyFitnessPal and it is available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store for Android. This app is a… Continue reading

App Review: Meal Snap by Gabe Landau


With the invention of the smartphone, came a wave of apps meant to make calorie-counting and nutrition in general easier. A couple months ago, an app called “Meal Snap” was released in the… Continue reading

iPhone vs iPod Touch by Gabe Landau


Many people today are familiar with two of Apple’s main products, the iPod Touch and the iPhone. These two devices are clearly different in some ways, but not as many as you would… Continue reading

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