Student and Teacher Biographies







Sebastian Fadel is a Senior at Lynnfield High School. This is his fourth year of being a part of Help Desk. He spend last summer interning at MIT working as a multimedia technical support specialist. He worked with a myriad of technology. His favorite subjects are History and AP Computer Science. He would like to attend college and major in Computer Science at Purdue University.


Arlex Correa is a Senior who enjoys being challenged in his academics and in his sports. This is Arlex’s first year at help desk but is very excited to learn new things and work with great people in this environment. Arlex’s favorite subjects are Math, Science(Physics and Chemistry) and Business. Arlex is great fixing hands on technical issues and has different methods of thinking that help everyone solve the problem quicker and more efficient. He wishes to major in Electrical Engineering and or Agricultural Engineering at Georgia Tech.






Joe Fabrizio is a Junior at Lynnfield High School.This is his third year of helpdesk. Joe started helpdesk as an enthusiastic freshman. His brother, Nick, was a former member of helpdesk so he started off already familiar with the program. Outside of school, Joe enjoys being outside. Whether it means running, playing basketball with friends, golfing with family, or taking a bike ride with friends, Joe keeps himself busy outdoors. Additionally, Joe enjoys traveling and hanging out with friends.


Nick Orlando is a freshman at Lynnfield High School.This is his first year at the helpdesk, but he is excited to learn new things and help the community. Nick’s favorite subjects are World History and Biology. In his free time Nick likes to tinker around with his computers and bike (when its not -2000 degrees outside). He wishes to major in Filmmaking or Computer Science.  



Bria Parziale is a Junior at Lynnfield High School. This is her third year in helpdesk. Her favorite subject is Science.  She plays tennis and sings in the LHS Concert Choir. After she graduates, she plans on attending college and pursuing either Nursing or Real Estate.


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Serena Arora is a Help Desk guest blogger and a Senior at Lynnfield High School. She enjoys writing, reading, traveling, dancing, singing, and acting. She interned at the Mass Women’s Political Caucus last summer. She created articles and went campaigning. She wants to go to college for Journalism and English Literature. In her free time she can be found at a cafe or reading a good book in a cozy area.




Kathleen Dario works in the IT department and is the Lynnfield Public Schools technology coordinator. She’s been doing this for many years and enjoys working with students and staff. She is a graduate of both Northeastern University and Lesley College, earning several business degrees.  She immediately gravitated to computers and has followed the evolution of technology throughout her career in the telecommunications industry. She began working in Lynnfield before the schools even had computers and has been involved throughout the transition to the many types of technology we use today.  She loves anything that makes work easier and more efficient. She enjoys working with new and different technologies. She is an avid reader and now reads all of her books on her Kindle app on her iPad.  Her three sons graduated from the Lynnfield Public Schools and are currently working full time.
Ms. Dario finds it interesting to see how her sons utilize technology and how important it is in their everyday life.  She also enjoys traveling and being together as a family while using technology to communicate on a daily basis.

Janice Alpert is the Library Media Specialist at Lynnfield High School. She has a Masters Degree in Library Science from Simmons College (2001) and a Masters Degree  in Education with a concentration in English from Tufts University (1997). She is interested in integrating technology into teaching and learning and enjoys working with young adults and teachers. She is passionate about emerging technology, reading, movies, cooking and spending time with her family and her two golden retrievers, Rosie and Scout.

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Sarah is a Technology Integration Specialist for Lynnfield Public Schools. Her interest in incorporating technology in the classroom, including Google Apps for Education, began in graduate school. Sarah is most excited for the possibilities that technology can bring to help learners of all ages feel successful and learn the material. She has seen students feel more confident in the classroom, become leaders among their peers, and grow through the use of technologies within the classroom setting and beyond. Sarah has a M.Ed. in Secondary English from Gordon College (2012) and a B.A. in English Literature from Westfield State University (2006). She began her professional career in higher education publishing both in editorial and sales. However, Sarah’s desire to help others learn and grow both academically and personally moved her to pursue the teaching profession. Sarah has taught sixth, seventh, and eighth grade Language Arts before moving into a technology specialist role to guide and encourage other teachers as they utilize technology with their curriculums. In her spare time, Sarah can be found reading, baking, playing with her puppy, and trying to learn new approaches to teaching, all while enjoying a cup of coffee.