Student and Teacher Biographies

Ryan Michalski,  a sophomore, is new to helpdesk this year. He has a wide range of knowledge when it comes to anything IT related. In his free time, Ryan likes to work on personal projects such as coding, software development, repairing devices and more. He hopes to get a job in the field of computers and networking.

Colin McCormick,  a Junior, is  currently the longest raining helpdesk member, (not saying seniority matters). Gavin Fair and Colin have started a robotics initiative and are dedicated to establishing an interest in STEM in students. He is skilled in mechanical engineering, circuitry, and coding.  He hopes to study mechanical engineering and biomechatronics in college.  He is also part of tech support so feel free to email him if you broke something!

Gavin Fair, Junior, is taking part in a robotics and circuitry club and  is planning to include robotics and circuitry in makerspace with my friend Colin McCormick. I also have a background in computer repairs, circuitry, 3d modeling, and animation. My goal in life is to become a hardware engineer and get a doctoral degree in computer engineering.

Anna Radulski, a senior, is new to Help Desk and looking forward to learning more about STEM in the makerspace. In her free time, she enjoys playing soccer and tennis and spending time outdoors through hiking and skiing. In the future, she hopes to study aeronautical engineering.

Walter Radulski is a freshman  at LHS.  This is the first year participating in the student help desk.  He is  looking  forward to learning more about the school and how to navigate it, as well as learning more about the teachers. He enjoys playing football and baseball outside of school and one day hope to go to Penn state to study business and finance.