Kaizena by Matt Germano


Name: Kaizena

Platforms: Web

Cost: Free

Summary: Kaizena allows teachers to give fast, high quality, and personal feedback on student work. The service enables teachers to highlight and speak to give verbal feedback, or attach reusable resources for common problems. Kaizena saves teachers time assessing digital student work in Google Drive while improving the quality of feedback the students receive.

Exemplar: https://kaizena.com/feedback/bvcnn09/highlight/eo23wxh

Classroom Uses: Through this service, teachers can edit student documents in Google Drive including essays, research papers, or projects. Kaizena gives teachers access to more features than Google Drive comments and creates a more in depth analysis of the students work. Students can easily see the comments made and can better understand errors through features such as verbal feedback.


Workflow:  Students and peers can request feedback by visiting the teacher’s Kaizena profile and uploading their work from Google Drive.

Collaboration: Students can also share documents with each other. For example, a group member could send a rough draft to the rest of his/her group so they can revise and add comments to the draft.

Saving/Draft:  Teachers comments are automatically saved to the students document on Kaizena and can be accessed at any time.