Mystorybook Website Review



Platforms: Web
Cost: free
Summary: Mystorybook allows students to create a short illustrated story online which can be presented easily. Character images are provided along with a number of backgrounds and other images to go with one’s text.
Exemplar:    Mystorybook Tutorial
Classroom Uses: This can be used fro projects in which the students must summarize a an event. This could apply to sections of a book in an English class, and events or other parts of history for a history class. 
Workflow: In order to share a story with a teacher the student must provide the link to their story. This can be provided once the story is “published”
Collaboration: Collaboration on a project could be accomplished provided that the students use the same account and do not edit their story at the same time.
Saving/Draft: Once the page of the story is changed all changes are saved. When finished working a student would change pages then log out of the website or close the window.