Google Drive


By Sandy Lam The internet and emailing is a great way to share important aspects of life with loved ones from all around the world. The internet allows all of us to stay… Continue reading

Chrome Devices


by Matt Parziale Did you know Google has 7.2 Billions page views a day? But, Google is more than just a search engine, they have hundreds of other services including Android, Gmail, Drive… Continue reading

Gmail and Google Accounts


By J. Alpert All students and staff now have Google Accounts.  Everyone has his/her own gmail account.  For example if your name is John Smith, your email is  Student passwords are the… Continue reading

The New iPad Mini


By Gabe Landau Recently, Apple released a new product to their line of iPads. What’s different  about this one? Just the screen size. Measuring only 7.9 inches (versus the older generations measuring about… Continue reading

Tweeting your ballot?


By Sandy Lam The concensus of the 2012 Election between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney was very close. In the United States, it is a privilege to vote for who, we the people,… Continue reading

myHomework – iPad App


By Matt Parziale myHomework is a free must-have app for students who use their iPads in school. myHomework is a digital assignment book that is very intuitive. myHomework features: Track your classes, homework, tests, assignments –… Continue reading

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