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How to add a Voice-Over to a Google Presentation Using Educreations by Matt Parziale and Gabe Fadel


Google presentations are a useful tool but they do have their limitations. Teachers frequently want students to add their voice to their presentations. We have discovered a way to do this in an… Continue reading

Google Classroom – An In Depth Guide by Matt Parziale


Google Classroom is a great new tool for teachers and students to connect and have an elevated learning expirence. Although it is still in its early stages, Classroom is very feature filled and… Continue reading

Swell Info for iPhone by Matt Parziale


If you are an avid surfer, or even a beginner, the app Swell Info for the iPhone is a must have. This app is a little costly at $2.99, but is saturated with information about… Continue reading

3D Printing by Matt Parziale


When you think of printing, you are usually thinking of printing text from the computer onto a page. But, what if you could design and print 3D devices? Well, up to just recently,… Continue reading

iPad Mini Road Test by Matthew Parziale


Two words. Erase iPad. The thing that every kid is going to do when they get their iPad. After I erased my iPad I immediately installed myHomework, an agenda book app. After that,… Continue reading

App Review: ProxToMe (iOS & Android) by Matt Parziale


Background: One of my many pet peeves is when people are at a big event and everyone is taking pictures of the same thing. I have always thought: How about just a few… Continue reading

Backchanneling by Matt Parziale


Have you ever watched a live sporting event or TV show while composing or reading tweets about that event? If so, you have backchanneled. Everyday people backchannel without even realizing it. Backchanneling is… Continue reading

Chrome Devices


by Matt Parziale Did you know Google has 7.2 Billions page views a day? But, Google is more than just a search engine, they have hundreds of other services including Android, Gmail, Drive… Continue reading

myHomework – iPad App


By Matt Parziale myHomework is a free must-have app for students who use their iPads in school. myHomework is a digital assignment book that is very intuitive. myHomework features: Track your classes, homework, tests, assignments –… Continue reading

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