Chrome Devices

by Matt Parziale

Did you know Google has 7.2 Billions page views a day? But, Google is more than just a search engine, they have hundreds of other services including Android, Gmail, Drive (Docs), and many more. Chrome OS, formally know as Chromium OS, is an Operating System that looks just like Google Chrome. It is very lightweight and Chrome OS boots up in 8 seconds. Chrome OS was released in mid-2009 but has gained traction in the past year. Recently, Google has released their own “ChromeBooks” that are manufactured by Samsung. They have two models of ChromeBooks on their website with starting price point of $249! They are lightweight, powerful, and productive for a very affordable price.


Google also has a “ChromeBox” that is the alternative to a desktop computer. For the $329 price tag the Chrome Box is very small and powerful.