LHS Students will present at Burlington Summit by Gabe Landau

LHS Students will present at Burlington Summit by Gabe Landau

If you’ve read our blog before, you’ll know about the Lynnfield High School’s 1:1 iPad program for Freshman and Sophomores. Our student help desk is sending students to Burlington High School to participate in their student showcase at the New England 1:1 Summit.

This is a conference held at Burlington High School where students and teachers can showcase the work that their schools have done using their 1:1 program. Those of us representing the Lynnfield High School will be showcasing iPad lessons and student work. We are also going to be answering any questions that people may have about our 1:1 iPad program, our help desk blog, technology, or about the Lynnfield Help Desk in general.

In addition to the iPads, our school has done work with Google Chromebooks and  they will also be available to showcase student work and completed projects.