Google Keep by Nick Fabrizio

Google Keep:

Google Keep is an app that has various useful features for classes or at home. The main uses for this app is a note taker, checklist maker, and reminder tool all in one. Google Keep allows you to use text, photo, sound, and video in order to make notes, checklists or reminders, etc.


How can this help you?

Well, imagine that you are in class and the homework is book work tonight. Why take home that heavy book when you can just make a note. For example, you could note “Section 1, 10-15” in text then take a picture of the page of the book that the questions are on and add that picture to the note. There you have your homework for the night all on your mobile devices organized. But you can do more than just that. If you need a checklist to check off what homework you have done,  google keep has that.  Additionally, if you need a quick reminder for later, Google Keep can do that too. Support @


Why is this good?:

It eliminates the process of having to use four different apps to do four different things this combines all of those categories into one easy to use app for the masses which can be used in a school and at home platform.


But wait there’s more:

Google Keep is also accessible from any personal computer though the chrome web browser so not only can you access it from tablets and phones,  but you can also access it via Google Drive.



Web Link (Must be logged into Google Drive)

           Ipad and Iphone Version (Google Official version coming soon)

Play Store

Chrome Web Store (Optional on a Chromebook)




  • Quick notes

  • Picture support

  • Voice support on the app

  • Check lists

  • Uses Google Drive so accessible anywhere you can log into chrome

  • Multiplatform

  • Easy to use and quick to learn

  • Free to use with unlimited space


  • No video support

  • Limited environment to work in


My Examples: