Testing Out The iPad – Week 1- By Noah Dalton

Here is a description of my first week using the ipad. The first class I used the ipad in was geometry. I took all of the notes for that day in Notability which was good, but drawing in equations and formulas with my finger was hard without using a stylus. I was also able to import a worksheet from Google Drive and work on it in Notability , which I thought was a great way to use less paper. When I got home I used the ipad for homework, Edline and my online textbook worked great. The next day I used it to type notes for history; this is where I found it the most useful. Typing out on the iPad what would be more then 2 pages written was much better and faster. Also, I’m not even experienced with the iPad’s keyboard; that being probably the 3rd time ever really using it, and I could still type very fast on it. I also noticed the battery life of the iPad was very good; lasted almost a week even with daily use. The only minor issue is that I feel that many students would benefit from having a stylus for note taking and possibly a music app like Pandora. Also if the iPads had the myHomework app, it’s an app that allows you to take down homework and have your schedule saved all on the iPad.