Teen Tech Week by Nick Fabrizio

Teen Tech Week at LHS was hosted by the Media Center staff and the Student Help Desk Students.

What LHS Media Center did for Teen Tech Week:

    • Daily Trivia with prizes! (trivia questions were read during morning announcements and posted on twitter)
    • Interactive Displays showing new technology during all lunch blocks
    • Daily innovative technology videos shown at the beginning of first period classes
    • Student Help Desk produced mash-up video presentation of current and upcoming technology

I think everyone at LHS found out about teen tech week. The tech booth at lunch, the signs, announcements, etc. all increased excitemetn about Teen Tech Week at LHS. This year it was a big success.  Many people learned about chromebooks,  ipad minis,  ipads, kindles, and their educational value. Many of the teachers and students who came to the tech stand commented on multiple products. But overall the chromebook had the most comments/positive feedback from the general public. For example, one student stated, “This would be much easier to type a essay on than an old laptop or ipad”, and another said, “I like the idea of this and it’s very easy to use”. Those were just a few comments from the LHS students. Here are  some photos from 2013’s teen tech week.