Max’s Week With The iPad Mini

iPad Mini

iPad Mini

This week I was given the opportunity to demo how a student would use an iPad, in this case an iPad Mini.  This was for both in-school and in-home use.  Here is my 3-day iPad diary:

Day 1 – Got the iPad Mini today.  Downloaded basic apps such as chrome, Google+, Drive, and penultimate.  Took a few pages of notes for biology in penultimate.  Used iMessage at home to communicate with friends and watched a few YouTube videos.

Day 2 –  Took math notes by taking pictures of SmartBoard and writing information on them in penultimate.  Seemed to be very easy an effective, accept for the fact you cannot zoom in penultimate.  Tested out FaceTime and Google hangout for iPads in helpdesk.  Had a few conversations with iMessage at home.  Got a little racing game called Nitro with multiplayer capabilities, pretty fun.

Day 3 – Took pictures using iPad camera of my little brother opening his presents on his birthday (today).  Organized my apps into folders except for Newsstand which you cannot move.  Took biology notes on a lab, and used iPad to review online for Spanish quiz.  Made review sheet in penultimate for math test next week.  Did a quick test of FaceTime vs.  Google Hangout for iPad, FaceTime wins, hangout is buggy.  Created a group chat for everyones iPads in the helpdesk.

Aforementioned Apps:



Google Drive:




FaceTime and iMessage are default apps.