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Easybib Tools Chrome Extension by Noah Dalton


EasyBib is an awesome website that makes citing a book, a website, newspaper etc. easy. Luckily, if you are using Chrome or Firefox web browsers, it’s even easier to cite websites with the… Continue reading

ThingLink App by Noah Dalton


Thinglink is easy to use app that allows you to simply add links to a photo. This can be very useful paired with the many apps that create links like Edmodo. See my example made… Continue reading

Educreations by Noah Dalton


Educreations is a simple and easy way to teach things to students in the form of slides and voice recording. The app is currently available free on iOS devices as well as an… Continue reading

AP Exam Test Prep App Review By Noah Dalton


It’s finally May again and that means AP tests; but don’t worry, there’s an app for that. The AP Exam Prep app made by McGraw Hill is a great app made for studying… Continue reading

Nike+ Running App By Noah Dalton


Now that spring is here, it’s time to get outside and enjoy the good weather. This app from Nike will help you do just that. This app has some really great features for… Continue reading

Travis Allen and the iSchool Initaitive by Noah Dalton


Travis Allen created iSchool As a senior in high school in 2009. While using his iPhone during school, his teachers instructed him to stop using it, even though he was using it as… Continue reading

Testing Out The iPad 2 – Week 3 – Noah Dalton


Finishing up my third week with the iPad, I’ve noticed some more pros and cons about them. One of the more positive things I’ve noticed this week was how nice the keyboard is… Continue reading

Testing Out The iPad 2 -Week 2- Noah Dalton


             My second week with the ipad was great since I got used to it more. I barely use a pencil now that I have the ipad, just… Continue reading

Testing Out The iPad – Week 1- By Noah Dalton


Here is a description of my first week using the ipad. The first class I used the ipad in was geometry. I took all of the notes for that day in Notability which… Continue reading

iPad Screencasting by Noah Dalton


Since the school next year is giving the freshmen and sophomores iPads, we needed a way to make screencasts on the ios devices. The Reflection app for Mac and Pc allows us to… Continue reading

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