LHS Help Desk Student in Amman working with MIT React Program


Sebastian Fadel, a student Help Desk Senior is currently in Amman, Jordan working with the MIT React Program. The program is “an institute-wide initiative that identifies, aggregates and cultivates ideas, solutions, and best practices that allow talented refugees and displaced populations worldwide to access learning resources and professional development opportunities. We leverage MIT thought leadership and technology to make MIT caliber education accessible to refugees by integrating new forms of digital and blended learning experiences specifically tailored to the needs of displaced populations.”
Sebastian is working on the launch of the program where the refugees will kick-off their year-long certificate program with an immersive, skill and community building experience at the Al Hussein Technical University (HTU) campus in Amman. For two weeks they will engage with each other, as well as with MIT students, faculty, and staff to experience what undergraduates in Cambridge call “drinking from the firehouse”. During the program and through its completion students will be matched with internship and career opportunities with partner companies.”

To see live feed and updates, go to the React Hub Facebook Page.