Transforming the Helpdesk Office

output_VBs2WJThe LHS Student helpdesk office (located in our media center) recently underwent a major renovation. The room started out as an audio-visual storage closet, containing old overhead projectors, televisions, shelving units, and a VHS encoder. Even after the room was cleaned for us, it was still being used as a storage closet and encoding station. It was crowded and messy. Once we had settled in, we decided we wanted to convert our space into something more useful. Shelves were removed, old desks were taken out, computers were removed, and the huge encoder that took up so much space was moved to an old office. We now had a blank slate.

The room was repainted white with a blue accent wall.  Motivational sayings were placed on the wall. We needed to order specific desks and chairs to fit the size our of room. Heads of the design team were Anthony Metrano and Zach Glowik. Anthony created blueprints of the room, after taking countless measurements and used software to map out the room details. He was able to map the room and figure out what the chair and desk setups would look like. Zach double-checked everything and off we went. After orders were placed, the Helpdesk began to assemble our new furniture. We assigned ourselves tasks such as ordering new monitors, speakers, a huge 42-inch TV with a Chrome Cast, and a whiteboard. This was no easy task, but it was well worth it. The newly remodeled room is designed to have customers sit with us at the same desk to achieve a 1 on 1 service.

Since the numerous updates, we have taken interest in better promoting ourselves through social media using Twitter. Helpdesk management is done through Google Classroom. Tasks, such as blog posts that need to be written, websites to be investigated, devices to learn about, etc. are all accessible via Classroom. Since transforming the Help Desk, we have held meetings with teachers discussing websites such as Kahoot, and how it could benefit the classroom. Our program has grown from 2 students to 12 and is growing. We strive for perfection, and will be here, dedicated to serve the school’s students and staff with any technological issues.