iPad Mini Road Test by Matthew Parziale

Two words. Erase iPad. The thing that every kid is going to do when they get their iPad. After I erased my iPad I immediately installed myHomework, an agenda book app. After that, I installed Gmail, because I refused to use the built in mail client. I also found that Google Drive doesn’t have that many good editing features, so it will be difficult to create content on the iPad. Next, (after some trouble) I got a Notability code from Mike to download notability. I started taking Notability notes in Spanish and typing Google Docs in history. Overall, I found the experience interesting to say the least. I later found an app called Office Drop that allows you to take a picture of a document and convert it to a PDF. I found this a little tedious, but useful. After I converted to a PDF, I would open it in Notability so I could write on it and open it in Google Drive. I found myself using the messaging app far too often in the middle of class. Also, a lot of annoying kids would take “selfies” with the camera and they are hard to delete. Also, I found myself playing games a lot.