iPad Testing: Zack Glowik-Week 1

I have been keeping a journal of my iPad usage the past couple days and this is how it went.

Started my first real day with the iPad. Had a test first period and ended up playing a game on it after I was finished. When I first got it, however, I restored it to the factory settings, therefore taking the school’s apps off of it. I find myself also using the messaging app a good amount, sometimes in class, which is not necessarily a good thing. I am typing this using the iPad though, and I find it easier to type as if I were texting, and not using it as a keyboard in the landscape setting. Note taking is fairly easy as long as I have a stylus, otherwise it is a bit difficult. MyHomework, the Google Drive app and Notability make it much easier for me to stay organized and write notes.

Second day using the iPad, I downloaded notability and used it for taking notes in Math class which worked fine. It was very easy because my teacher puts PDFs of the notes on Google Drive. Also used the iPad for taking Science notes which also went fine. I did have some slight connectivity problems but not due to the iPad. I got the Kindle app on it, which works well, except for the fact that you cannot purchase books from it, you would have to go online and get the book, then download it onto your iPad. I was worried about battery life as I did not charge the device between yesterday and today, but it held up well and was able to get me through the day.

Overall, the iPad has been pretty decent at going through the daily functions that will be required of it next year.