Ilos Interview by Nick Bisconti

Sean Higgins is the founder and sales lead at Ilos.  He runs his business with his previous co-worker from a fortune 500 company. Together, they made a screencasting software/website that allows you to record your computer screen and save it either to the site or to your desktop.  Lynnfield High School Help Desk got an opportunity to talk to Sean because we thought that it would be very beneficial to give him feedback on his website, and also gain experience with holding a live Google Hangout.  Both the Help Desk and Sean were eager to set up the call.  Sean gave us some great advice on how to embrace the  various opportunities that Help Desk offers.   The information gathered from the call was great to remember, because it teaches us that you need dedication and the drive to accomplish the goals needed to succeed in life.

During our interview with Sean Higgins, he explained to us the larger goal of Ilos and how Ilos came about.  His story was very interesting and showed me how anything you set your mind to can actually happen.  His story included how when he was working for a fortune 500, his friend confronted him and asked him if he wanted to be part of a new company.  He explained that his friend already had the idea of what they were going to create, and together they came up with the a website that allows you to record your computer screen and save it onto your computer.  The whole purpose of Ilos is to have an easy way to record what you are doing on your screen and show others later on. Even though the tool was originally used for business reasons, people are now using it to record gameplay of a video game that they are playing.  While on the call we talked to him about what features couls be improved and what features we enjoyed.   We explained that it would be a good idea to have an option to share the screencast straight to Google Drive.  Sean also stated that ilos could be used for Educational purposes.  Overall the call was a great experience and it shined a light on the fact that there are still things that have yet to be invented;  and once something is invented,  there is always room for improvement.