Google Classroom End of Year Procedures by Jen Judkins

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I’m not counting the days yet, but now that  we’re flipping the calendar to June, preparations for wrapping up the current school year and readying for the fall are on my mind.  For all of the teachers who eagerly adopted Google Classroom this year, I’ve put together a short “End of Year Procedures” tutorial video explaining Classroom’s “Archive” feature.

It’s been months since you first set up your classes and since then, some new features, such as adding a co-teacher, have been added. For you “plan-ahead” types, I created a “Beginning of the Year Procedures” video to show you how to create classes, customize your theme (new), invite co-teachers (new) and more!

I’ve also updated my popular Google Classroom Cheat Sheet to include the new features that have been added to this fantastic Google App for Education.