Kahoot! by Matt Germano

kahoot logo_purple

Name: Kahoot!

Platforms:  Web, Android, iOS

Cost: Free

Summary: Kahoot! is a game-based educational platform that allows teachers/students to create and play quizzes, discussions or surveys using any device with a web browser. It allows teachers to access game data for all students, understanding what they answer for each question and how fast. Kahoot! provides deep learning through creation of educational games, and new understanding through playing them. Students can join a teacher’s game at kahoot.it if using a non-Android device.

Exemplar: Example Quiz

Classroom Uses: This service allows teachers to create fun/interactive games that include quizzes, discussions, or surveys to present to their students. The games can be shared with the students and can be a useful study tool. Also, students can browse public games to help learn new material. The responses the teachers receives from the games can allow them to find strengths/weaknesses of their students.


Workflow: Teachers and students can share quizzes with each other by entering their Kahoot! usernames. Users can also set their quizzes to public so anyone can access them. Also, students are not required to have an account and can simply join a teachers game through the designated PIN number.

Collaboration: Kahoot! allows students to work together by creating or playing games. Students and teachers can share any games they create to other students and helps provide useful study information.

Saving/Draft: The website allows users to save any games as drafts and return to edit them later. The draft will be saved under the “My Kahoots” tab and allows the user to continue editing their game.