How Do You Edit PDFs on a Chromebook? by Gabe Landau


Name: Notable PDF Chrome Extension


Platforms:  Web (with the Chrome Browser), Chrome OS

Cost: Anyone can connect a Google Account to Notable for free, there are some premium features that cost $1/month or $20 for a lifetime purchase.

Summary: Notable PDF is both a chrome extension and an app. It allows you to either import a PDF from your downloads folder, or from Google Drive. Once the PDF is loaded into the program, it allows you to highlight text, add your own text, draw over the PDF, and format text.

The app works very well with Google Drive. It can be setup to automatically open all your PDF’s so you never have to link it again.

Students can also open PDF files from Google Classroom, creating a new copy for each student (if the option is checked when the assignment is made on classroom). Students can submit PDF files in Notable back into classroom as well for grading.

Price Free, with Premium options
Platform Web, with a Chrome OS extension
Import Options Upload from computer, Google Drive
Export Options Download, export to Drive, print, email
Editor Tools Draw, Type, Highlight, Text Formatting
Saving Options Saving in Drive, or in Notable


Classroom Uses:

Math & Science: Writing over teacher presentations, drawing graphs and equations

English & History: Highlighting passages in online books, writing notes

Foreign Language: Writing translations of different languages over text

Art/Music: Highlight and draw over sheet music

*Note – Some other options for editing PDF files include apps like PDF Zen and Crocodoc, both have their drawbacks however and we reccommend notable because it is the most stable one we have found.