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Celebrating Connected Educator Month by Ms. Alpert


In celebration of Connected Educator Month, the Lynnfield Student Help Desk students and I were so pleased to participate in our 1st Google Hangout on Air with other schools to discuss student run… Continue reading

iPad Deployment from a help desk students’ perspective by Max Cohee


Helpdesk is back for another year! Over the summer Lynnfield Public Schools deployed about 300 iPads to the freshmen and sophomores.  It was a fairly smooth process especially with the help of all… Continue reading

Testing Out The iPad 2 – Week 3 – Noah Dalton


Finishing up my third week with the iPad, I’ve noticed some more pros and cons about them. One of the more positive things I’ve noticed this week was how nice the keyboard is… Continue reading

Testing the iPad in a Classroom Environment by Gabe Landau


When the iPad was created, it was not intended for use in a school or other enterprise environment. However, schools across the globe are implementing new technologies into their curriculum. A couple weeks ago, the… Continue reading

iPad Mini Road Test by Matthew Parziale


Two words. Erase iPad. The thing that every kid is going to do when they get their iPad. After I erased my iPad I immediately installed myHomework, an agenda book app. After that,… Continue reading

iPad Testing: Zack Glowik-Week 1


I have been keeping a journal of my iPad usage the past couple days and this is how it went. Started my first real day with the iPad. Had a test first period… Continue reading

Max’s Week With The iPad Mini


This week I was given the opportunity to demo how a student would use an iPad, in this case an iPad Mini.  This was for both in-school and in-home use.  Here is my… Continue reading

Testing Out The iPad – Week 1- By Noah Dalton


Here is a description of my first week using the ipad. The first class I used the ipad in was geometry. I took all of the notes for that day in Notability which… Continue reading

Insight 360 by Zach Glowik


Mobi 360 is an app for iPads that Lynnfield High School will soon be using on our devices. This app is going to be mainly used for its remote desktop functionality, as well… Continue reading

Screencast: How To Sign Out The Media Center Carts

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