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iPhone vs iPod Touch by Gabe Landau


Many people today are familiar with two of Apple’s main products, the iPod Touch and the iPhone. These two devices are clearly different in some ways, but not as many as you would… Continue reading

Testing Out The iPad 2 – Week 3 – Noah Dalton


Finishing up my third week with the iPad, I’ve noticed some more pros and cons about them. One of the more positive things I’ve noticed this week was how nice the keyboard is… Continue reading

Testing Out The iPad 2 -Week 2- Noah Dalton


             My second week with the ipad was great since I got used to it more. I barely use a pencil now that I have the ipad, just… Continue reading

Teen Tech Week by Nick Fabrizio


Teen Tech Week at LHS was hosted by the Media Center staff and the Student Help Desk Students. What LHS Media Center did for Teen Tech Week: Daily Trivia with prizes! (trivia questions… Continue reading

Insight 360 by Zach Glowik


Mobi 360 is an app for iPads that Lynnfield High School will soon be using on our devices. This app is going to be mainly used for its remote desktop functionality, as well… Continue reading

Social Networking Security and Privacy By Gabe Landau


Since the creation of social networking websites, privacy has been the bane of their security and management. Social networking sites make it easier for hackers to retrieve personal information from people, including name,… Continue reading

Windows Server 2012 By Nick Fabrizio


Windows Server 2012 The Windows Server edition of windows is one of the most widely used operating systems in the US. Taking advantage of Apples’ uneducated areas in servers,  Microsoft has little to… Continue reading

What is the Surface Tablet? by Max Cohee


The next big up-and-coming tablet is here. The Microsoft Surface. But is it really what it is advertised to be? The new Surface runs the newest version of Windows 8 ported over for… Continue reading

Splash Top by Nick Fabrizio


As many people may know 2012 was a very fast moving year for app development. The world of app development has a wide area of uses like Music, Images, Ease of use, and… Continue reading

Chrome Book vs. iPad For School Uses


With technology developing into what it is today, many new uses for technology have become available. One of these uses includes a school environment. Many students prefer to take notes, create documents, read… Continue reading

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