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Leap Motion Gesture Controller by Max Cohee


Meet Leap.  It is the future of computer use and navigation.  It is a gesture controlled module that interprets said gestures into messages your computer can actually understand.  It allows you to play a… Continue reading

Music Streaming Services by Noah Dalton


We’ve all heard of services like Pandora,, or Slacker Radio. They all do the same thing. You type in an artist or song and it will play that song or something similar to… Continue reading

App Review: ProxToMe (iOS & Android) by Matt Parziale


Background: One of my many pet peeves is when people are at a big event and everyone is taking pictures of the same thing. I have always thought: How about just a few… Continue reading

Google Play by Zach Glowik


Image from: Google Play is Google’s way of competing with Apple’s iTunes. Play has taken everything that iTunes can do and made it better. If you have a Gmail account, you can set… Continue reading

iTunes by Max Cohee


Apple describes their iTunes as an “Audio player with multiple playlist functions, native burn support, visual effects, and file conversion.”.  They are really undershooting themselves with that description.  They may have started as… Continue reading

Project Glass (otherwise known as “Google Goggles”)


Google announced it’s vision for a pair of glasses that can do much more than aid vision back in 2001 (this was announced as the “Theory of Glass”). Now, the dream is becoming… Continue reading

iPads – From 2 to 4 by Zach Glowik


Just a while ago the iPad 4 was released. This came a few months after the release of the iPad 3, which is just about the same as the iPad 4. The iPad… Continue reading

Smart Wristbands By Noah Dalton


With products like the Nike FuelBand, Jawbone Up and Fitbit Flex, wearable technology is really trending. Devices like this track your activity and sync with iPhone and Android app. Some like the Nike Sportwatch GPS… Continue reading

“iPad For Dummies” by Max Cohee


iPads are a revolutionary piece of technology, and they are coming to our school next year.  So I presume now is a great time for some information on the subject.  There are 3… Continue reading

Google Fiber


Are you tired of having your internet being bogged down or maybe unnecessary wiring to your house? Well, if you lived in Kansas City there would be a solution. With Google Fiber, you can have lighting fast internet… Continue reading

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