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Evernote vs. Notability By Zack Glowik


Note: The following review is using the app only for taking hand-written notes on an Apple device. Evernote and Notability are both apps that allow the user to take notes on an Apple… Continue reading

Touchcaste Review by Max Cohee


What is TouchCast? Touchcast is an app used to record, edit, and upload videos with overlaid widgets and tools from a PC or mobile device.  These can include many things like RSS Feeds… Continue reading

ThingLink App by Noah Dalton


Thinglink is easy to use app that allows you to simply add links to a photo. This can be very useful paired with the many apps that create links like Edmodo. See my example made… Continue reading

Aurasma by Gabe Landau


Augmented Reality is a relatively new way to create interesting and interactive presentations and projects. It allows you to take any image, object, structure, place, or anything that you can take a picture… Continue reading

Touchcast Review by Zach Glowik


Pros: Allows for easy recording and sharing of videos User friendly interface Has a number of tools allowing for more interesting videos Allows watchers to click a link and open a web page… Continue reading

Educreations by Noah Dalton


Educreations is a simple and easy way to teach things to students in the form of slides and voice recording. The app is currently available free on iOS devices as well as an… Continue reading

Aurasma by Max Cohee


Aurasma is an augmented reality platform.  Created by HP Autonomy, it is available on both iOS and Android devices.  Aurasma has become very popular on iOS since it was first released for the… Continue reading

SnapGuide App by Nick Fabrizio


SnapGuide  is a free app that allows you to create guides for various things such as cooking or crafts using media,  pictures , videos and text. This app is available for IOS 4.3… Continue reading

Flashcardlet by Zach Glowik


This app is a free app that allows you to easily make flashcards for study purposes. You can make multiple decks, have as many cards as you want in a deck, and customize… Continue reading

AP Exam Test Prep App Review By Noah Dalton


It’s finally May again and that means AP tests; but don’t worry, there’s an app for that. The AP Exam Prep app made by McGraw Hill is a great app made for studying… Continue reading

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