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Touchcast Review by Zach Glowik


Pros: Allows for easy recording and sharing of videos User friendly interface Has a number of tools allowing for more interesting videos Allows watchers to click a link and open a web page… Continue reading

Flashcardlet by Zach Glowik


This app is a free app that allows you to easily make flashcards for study purposes. You can make multiple decks, have as many cards as you want in a deck, and customize… Continue reading

Travel Postcard App by Zach Glowik


  The Travel Postcard app is a free app available on the App Store. This app allows you to easily create postcards of your summer vacation spots and send them to your friends… Continue reading

GoDocs vs Google Drive App by Zach Glowik


Long story short, GoDocs is a way for people to make money by pretending to be a better way to edit Google Documents. It is a disgusting app and is a completely unnecessary… Continue reading

iPad Testing: Zack Glowik-Week 1


I have been keeping a journal of my iPad usage the past couple days and this is how it went. Started my first real day with the iPad. Had a test first period… Continue reading

Insight 360 by Zach Glowik


Mobi 360 is an app for iPads that Lynnfield High School will soon be using on our devices. This app is going to be mainly used for its remote desktop functionality, as well… Continue reading

Google Play by Zach Glowik


Image from:¬† Google Play is Google’s way of competing with Apple’s iTunes. Play has taken everything that iTunes can do and made it better. If you have a Gmail account, you can set… Continue reading

iPads – From 2 to 4 by Zach Glowik


Just a while ago the iPad 4 was released. This came a few months after the release of the iPad 3, which is just about the same as the iPad 4. The iPad… Continue reading

Kindles and the Kindle App in the Classroom by Zach Glowik


Kindles are a very useful tool for people who love to read. They are able to store dozens of books in a very compact space. It has a very large potential for helping… Continue reading

Lucidchart By Zach Glowik


Now, here’s something that you probably haven’t even heard of before. Lucidchart is a Google Drive App which allows you to create in-depth flow charts and note pages. This will be an amazingly… Continue reading

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