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Google’s Made with Code Holiday Lights Project by Nick Fabrizio


HOLIDAY LIGHTS  Create your own Christmas tree light design that could be displayed on a Christmas tree at the White House. Google’s “Made W/ Code” project has opened the Holiday Lights project which… Continue reading

Feedly by Nick Fabrizio


Link: ( Platforms:  (Web Browser) Cost: (Free version available) Summary: Feedly is a web application that allows you to subscribe to various news sources and receive summaries and a picture of their most… Continue reading

Modern New Tab Page


Name: (Modern New Tab Page)  Platforms:  (Chrome Web Browser) Cost: (Free)  Summary: (Allows you to add shortcuts to your favorite web services while adding cover images and RSS feed to the shortcuts. When… Continue reading

Doodle Online Scheduling by Nick Fabrizio


Name: (Doodle)  Link: (  Platforms:  (Web Browser)  Cost: (Free version available, multiple paid versions also available.)  Summary: (Doodle is a web application that allows you to make a poll of scheduled meeting or… Continue reading

Powtoons Review by Nick Fabrizio


 Name: (Powtoons)  Link: (  Platforms:  (Chrome Web Browser)  Cost: (Free version available, multiple paid versions also available.)  Summary: (Powtoons is a web app the allows you to create and edit multiple animated slides… Continue reading

Google Keep by Nick Fabrizio


Google Keep: Google Keep is an app that has various useful features for classes or at home. The main uses for this app is a note taker, checklist maker, and reminder tool all… Continue reading

Chromebooks – What They Can and Can’t Do by Nick Fabrizio


Chromebooks Can: Browse the web Make word, presentation, and spreadsheet documents View and upload videos Share and access documents within the school Use chrome webstore apps Chromebooks Can’t: Use java web applications Support… Continue reading

SnapGuide App by Nick Fabrizio


SnapGuide  is a free app that allows you to create guides for various things such as cooking or crafts using media,  pictures , videos and text. This app is available for IOS 4.3… Continue reading

Summer/Spring App by Nick Fabrizio

by Runtastic is a pace/step counter that can be abjusted to your bodys weight and hieght to get the maxium use out of this app. Most pace/stepcounters can cost upwards of 75$ or… Continue reading

Ipad Test by Nick Fabrizio


Day 1 I obtained the ipad. Then I installed apps being: Myscriptcalculator, Myhomeworkapp, and penultimate because you have to pay for notablility. I then used the calculator app in math class, instead of using my actual calculator because… Continue reading

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