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Touchcaste Review by Max Cohee


What is TouchCast? Touchcast is an app used to record, edit, and upload videos with overlaid widgets and tools from a PC or mobile device.  These can include many things like RSS Feeds… Continue reading

Amazon PrimeAir by Max Cohee and Nick Fabrizio


This is Amazon’s new project, “PrimeAir”. You may have heard of the RC “quadrotor” helicopters you can pilot with your iPhone that were released on the market a year or two ago, will… Continue reading

Aurasma by Max Cohee


Aurasma is an augmented reality platform.  Created by HP Autonomy, it is available on both iOS and Android devices.  Aurasma has become very popular on iOS since it was first released for the… Continue reading

iPad Deployment from a help desk students’ perspective by Max Cohee


Helpdesk is back for another year! Over the summer Lynnfield Public Schools deployed about 300 iPads to the freshmen and sophomores.  It was a fairly smooth process especially with the help of all… Continue reading

Instapaper by Max Cohee


What is Instapaper? Instapaper is an Android, iOS, and Chrome app which allows you to save web pages for offline reading.  It is great for saving long blogs and articles for later reading.… Continue reading

Weber’s On The Grill App by Max Cohee


What is Weber’s On The Grill? Weber’s On The Grill is an app centered around cooking with the iPad and “features 280 classic Weber recipes plus 40 recipes for rubs, marinades, and sauces… Continue reading

Cramberry App by Max Cohee


What is Cramberry? Cramberry is an app that helps you study using your iDevice.  It allows you to create and use flashcards virtually.  It can be used both on your PC/Mac and on… Continue reading

Max’s Week With The iPad Mini


This week I was given the opportunity to demo how a student would use an iPad, in this case an iPad Mini.  This was for both in-school and in-home use.  Here is my… Continue reading

Leap Motion Gesture Controller by Max Cohee


Meet Leap.  It is the future of computer use and navigation.  It is a gesture controlled module that interprets said gestures into messages your computer can actually understand.  It allows you to play a… Continue reading

iTunes by Max Cohee


Apple describes their iTunes as an “Audio player with multiple playlist functions, native burn support, visual effects, and file conversion.”.  They are really undershooting themselves with that description.  They may have started as… Continue reading

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