FMG Robotics Foundation

Two of our very own LHS Helpdesk students, Colin McCormick and Gavin Fair along with their friend, Sidarth Gaonkar, who attends The Governor’s Academy have created the FMG Robotics Foundation.

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Their Mission: “The FMG Robotics Foundation serves to improve STEM education and STEM literacy. As students, we are thankful for the resources given by the public school system, but the outdated curriculum and limited resources for subjects like robotics and engineering, have led us to take charge on our own. Students should be able to explore and experiment within the field of STEM without being limited by their school’s resources or their own financial situation. What we plan to do is to improve the overall STEM literacy in our scope and to bring young inspired students the things they need to succeed.”

Classes and Outreach Programs:

“We have taught a variety of small classes on many different concepts in STEM. From Robotics to Biology we have exposed students to STEM in exciting interactive classes. We have taught at multiple public schools and YMCA locations and to a variety of age groups. These classes help faculty understand what their students are passionate about and encourages school systems to bolster their STEM resources. The classes are also a great chance for us to field test our own projects and receive suggestions from the next generation of engineers. 

We also hold assemblies and talks for larger groups of students. Our talks are often much more broad  but are a great chance to appeal to a large student body. Concepts such as mistakes are applicable to both the engineering process but also just about any passion. Our assemblies are a great chance for schools to spark up interest in their entire student body.”

Recent Activities:

Robotics at Huckleberry Hill Elementary School:

FMG visited Huckleberry Hill Elementary School to talk about their experience with engineering and stressed the importance of making mistakes. The school’s philosophy of “the power of yet” was seamlessly integrated into our discussion. The process of creating William, the robot dog, was a great example of how it is essential to make mistakes in order to succeed.

William is a clone of MIT mini Cheetah built and programmed by the FMG Robotics team. “William has been an amazing way to expose young students to robotics and programming in a fun and exciting way. We are constantly looking to improve his design and teach him new tricks.”

Mass Robotics Block Party

Held at the Seaport in Boston, Held in Seaport Boston the Mass Robotics Robot Block party was an amazing opportunity for us. We able to meet and learn from professionals from companies such Boston Dynamics, I-Robot, Mitsubishi and many more. We also were able to share our services with the people of Boston, further exposing young students to STEM. William was by far the star of the event with his dazzling dance moves. Students were able to get one on one experience with William the robot dog and even learn how he is programmed.

FinTech Boston

Colin and Gavin got the awesome opportunity to present to the amazing professionals at Boston Fintech. It was a great chance for the two to practice their elevator pitch for the business and make new connections. The presentation also was a proving ground for William. With the audience coming from a business background rather than a STEM the two had to break down complicated topics into easy to understand pieces.

Lynnfield Center STEM Fair

On August 6th, we held a STEM education fair in which high school students could share their knowledge with younger students in the community. By far the star of the show was spot the robot dog. The Boston Dynamics robot was extremely entertaining but led to a lot of educational discussions with students.

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