5 Fun Ways to Communicate with your friends Online by Emily Goguen

In these unprecedented times, it can be hard to connect with your friends and family in a fun way. The basic calls and facetimes can get a little boring sometimes. Here are some fun ways to stay connected with friends and family online!

  1. Houseparty

Houseparty is like facetime…better! It is a face-to-face social networking app where you can chat with all of your friends. You can download the app either on your desktop or your phone. It is compatible both ways. The best part about Houseparty is you can become friends with people and you get notification when your friends are online! When your friends are “in-the-house” you are ready to chat with them. That’s what makes this app so great…you know when your friends are online and ready to chat! 

2. Netflix Party

Have you ever wanted to watch Netflix with someone but they live so far away? Problem solved! NetflixParty is a chrome extension that allows you to watch Netflix together. It syncs the screen so you are always at the same part of the movie/TV Show. And the best part is that there is a chat box. You can give your live reactions with your friends as you are watching!

3. Trivia Crack

Sometimes it is good to stay connected in a competitive way. Trivia Crack is a mobile app that tests your trivia. It has categories that range from sports, entertainment, history, science, art, etc. You can play with your friends or with people from all around the world!

4. Zoom Trivia Nights

Another fun and creative way to engage in some competition while being distanced is a zoom trivia night! Grab 5-6 of your friends and get on Zoom to ask everyone some questions. Have one person be the host and the other players buzz in with the correct answers. Each time you can come up with different categories to have a little variety in your questions. 

5. Words with Friends 

Words with Friends has been around for a while, but is still always a fun way to connect with friends! It’s essentially an online scrabble game that you are playing with your friends. Each game can only have two people but you can have multiple games going at one time. It is a fun way to stay connected with your friends but also engage in a little fun and healthy competition. 

Words with Friends Classic: Word Puzzle Challenge – Apps on Google Play 

‎Words With Friends Classic on the App Store