Screenbeam Technology by Quinn Adams

screen beamA new piece of technology being explored right now for LHS  is the screenbeam. This new device would connect to the projectors that work with the smartboards. This would allow teachers to share their screen from a laptop, letting them move around the classroom and no longer tethering them to their desks in the front of the room. Teachers would also be able to allow students to project their screens on the smartboard giving everyone a chance to share their ideas and problems. 

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Screenbeams would:

  • Allow teachers to project their laptops onto the smartboard.
  • Let teachers  project a student’s screen on the smartboard.
  • Aide in collaboration between students giving them a chance to share their problems or solutions with the class.
  • Assist teachers monitor students screens and make sure all students are on task.

This is just one of the many new emerging technologies that are being explored. No decisions have been made as of today February 8, 2019.