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Google Takeout Service Created by Jenn Judkins

Google Takeout Transfer allows users to transfer Drive and Gmail content from a school account to another Google account. This is great for graduating Seniors who want to take their content with them when they leave or teachers who may want to back up their files. Because files are copied, they will NOT be deleted from your school Google account, so it’s safe to do this process anytime.  See the video tutorial embedded below or click HERE to access printable instructions.  

Step by step instructions are available in this short tutorial video HERE.

Preparing to Copy & Transfer

Google Drive FolderGet Organized

Prior to transferring your files, take time to organize your folders and remove files you do not want to transfer. Once you are ready to transfer files using Google Takeout, your files will be copied into your personal account maintaining the same folder structure / organization as they have in your school account. If you have a large number of files, it will take some time for Google Takeout to copy the contents of your entire Google Drive.

What Will be Transferred:

  • Files in Folders in Google Drive that are OWNED by you
  • Shared files that have been “Added to Drive” will be copied but the new file will NOT shared with collaborators

What will NOT Transfer:

  • Images stored under “Google Photos”
  • “Shared with Me” Files that have NOT been “Added to Drive”
  • Google Sites, Google Forms & MyMaps or other third party content in Drive

Recipient Google Account

To use Takeout Transfer, you will need another Google account. This can be:

  • A personal Google account ending in If you don’t already have a personal Google account, visit to create your free account.
  • A school Google account, provided your new school has this service enabled.

Steps for Using Google Takeout to Copy & Transfer your Files

  1. Sign in to your school Google account and go to Drive Contents
  2. Enter the email address of the destination Google account – this is where your files will by copied and saved to.
  3. Click “Get Code” and a code will be sent to your personal account. NOTE: This code is only active for 24 hours.
  4. Go to your personal email & copy the verification code to paste into the Takeout Menu
  5. From your school account, return to paste in the verification code, then choose “Verify”.
  6. Choose the content you want to copy. You will have the option to copy Google Drive contents as well as email messages. Gmail contacts and to-do lists will not be transferred. Click “Start Transfer” to initiate. This process can take up to a week, but you will receive an email notification in your personal Gmail account once it’s complete.

Details about Your Copied Files & Email

  • Gmail:

    • All copied messages will be labeled with your school account name and the date you started the copy process.
    • Contacts and tasks will NOT transfer
  • Google Drive:

    • All content will be copied into a folder labeled with your school account name and the date you initiated the copy process.
    • You will become the owner of ALL the copied files. This does NOT change ownership of the original files in your school account that may be shared)
    • Comments are copied but revision history is not
    • Permission on copied files will be set to “private”, but you can change the sharing settings if you choose.
    • All of your school content will remain in your Google Drive so this process can be used to backup Google Drive anytime.
    • Not all shared files copy over – only those that you have “Added to Drive”
    • Content that will NOT copy over: Google Sites, Google Forms, MyMaps & images stored in Google Photos or other third party content in Drive


Jenn Judkins