Cyber Security and Password Protection Workshop

How secure are your passwords?  Do you use the same passwords for multiple accounts?  Do you walk away from your class computer and leave it logged in? These are all questions that the LHS help desk students discussed with the teachers at their workshop on Friday 3/24th.  While teachers relaxed in the Makerspace@LHS,  Joe Fabrizio, Matt Mazzarella, and Sebastian Fadel provided them with tips for creating strong passwords, best practices for cyber security in the classroom, and options for managing multiple accounts.
Teachers  and administrators across all disciplines attended the workshop.  When evaluating the workshop, 70% of the teachers reported that the presentation was “very helpful” and 30% reported it as “helpful”. When asked about one take away from the workshop, teachers said, “Loved the idea of a starting with a phrase and then taking all of the first letters/numbers to make a password!”, “I need to update my passwords”,  and “I am going to try TrueKey and also using sentences for passwords”. In final comments,  a teacher said, “Well done. Presenters were on point, They provided very easily understood instructions”.  As a result of this successful  workshop, teachers and students agreed that there should be more workshops hosted by help desk students for teachers.

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