Edcamp Comes to Lynnfield

Edcamp is created by teachers, for teachers. Edcamp is the a new cutting edge method of professional development. Edcamp is an event where Massachusetts educators can share and learn innovative instructional practices from one another. When the day begins, there is no set schedule before the event, for it is a participant-driven day. Educators check into the event and the scheduling process begins. A Google spreadsheet is created and educators call out practices they feel are worthy of being shared. The day is divided into three hour periods. Educators can pick the sessions they want to attend if they are not teaching.

For our LHS helpdesk students, saturday started promptly at 7:30. They began the day by checking in teachers using the the iPads and chromebooks. After the check in process finished, the students were ushered into the LHS MakerSpace in order to prepare their presentation and exhibits for there EdCamp panel. After spending most of the first block to setup, the students were finally ready to present. They ran through a presentation that dealt with what is needed.

The first question and the question most frequently asked was, “How did you get the funding to start the Makerspace.” Helpdesk students and the administration have many answers to this question. The answer given to the educators was that we had a surplus in the budget given to us and some of the library budget was funded into the project. The Makerspace started with items ordered off Amazon and donated items. Teachers also asked what futures the helpdesk students would like to pursue. Many of them responded with tech-related jobs.

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