New ways to use EasyBib!

Easybib Extension / Easybib App

Directions: To download the EasyBib Chrome extension click here.

Mini-Summary: The EasyBib Chrome extension provides several extra features outside of the standard website. Such as a website’s credibility rating and allowing the user to quickly add multiple websites to a bibliography without having to leave the article.


  1. To start using the extension press the EasyBib icon. (The little orange book)


  1. Once you click the EasyBib icon a popup window will appear showing you the credibility of the website (if available) From this menu you can also cite the source directly to EasyBib.

(Note: if you have an EasyBib account you can save multiple sources to an EasyBib “file” at once!)


Using the EasyBib extension to cite a website:


  1. From here you can Cite the current page on  EasyBib, View your current bibliography.


  1. After you press “Cite on EasyBib”kangoure.PNG

You should be prompted with this screen. It provides all of the gathered information from the website.

The Easybib app is fairly easy to use and is accessible through both the App Store (iOS)  and Play Store (Android) for free. After downloading the app, simply hit the word “Scan”, written in blue in the upper right hand corner of the screen. The app will open a camera, and simply hover the camera over the barcode of the book to be cited. Hit the orange button labeled “Cite it”, and select the correct citation. Repeat as many times as needed. Select email citations when finished. Enter your email, and your complete Works Cited will arrive shortly to your inbox. For Android users, you may also select Drive instead of email, under the same menu. This will automatically save the Works Cited to the Drive account linked with your phone.