Quill Grammar Practice by Matt Mazzarella and Joe Fabrizio

Quill Grammar Practice

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Quill.org provides several ways students can practice writing, grammar and vocabulary.  The following review is focused on Quill Grammar and Quill Proofreader.  Quill Grammar contains hundreds of free and easy to use grammar activities for middle and high school students and is a great alternative to filling out boring pen and paper grammar sheets. Quill contains a robust “correcting” algorithm that takes your answers and checks for any spelling errors or typos that would not necessarily affect the “grammar” part of your answer.  Quill is convenient and easy to use. Quill accounts can be made through Google, email, or Clever. Quill is has a very straightforward and easy to use website and offers additional tools for practicing writing and vocabulary.  

Platforms: This program is available on browsers on a PC or Mac, Chrome OS. The product also has  support for mobile browsers, however there is no app.

Cost: Quill is free with optional premium service. While all the courses are to remain free, the premium service allows teachers to view progress of their students as they complete courses.

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The editing process is fairly basic and easy to understand. However, if an error is made and marked wrong, there is no way to review it once you check your work. Additionally, there is no explanation of the error made.

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The two types of assignments that are available right now are “fill ins” and “edit the section”. When doing the fill in questions you have to rewrite the sentence and change it to fit what the prompt asks. Alternatively, the section editing is more open ended, this is because you can edit the entire paragraph. This means you can add or remove things to fit the prompt. After completing either of the assignments you can turn in your work and it shows the number of edits you got right and what mistakes you made.

Classroom Uses: This website provides teachers with a fun and easy alternative to grammar worksheets.   Students can practice grammar without signing up, which means Quill could be a great option for younger students working in centers. If students register, they can join classes created by teachers who can then assign specific concepts to practice.  Quill has conveniently organized and can be filtered by concept (i.e. verbs, pronouns, punctuation, etc.) as well as Common Core Standard and grade level (grades 1-9).  Teachers can create Activity Packs by grouping several individual concept activities.  Progress monitoring of students is available as a premium feature.  

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