Google Cardboard by Raphael Pagarigan



Google Cardboard

     Oh boy google, you did it again. Virtual reality was the new hit craze this year, with releases of beta testing like the oculus rift; taking the world of viewing media to a new extreme. These type of machines allow the user to basically enter the video and view it from a first person experience, cool right? The only downside is that it’s big, clunky, and $350. So this pretty much alienates a big audience and restricts the wonder of virtual reality for people who just don’t want to invest that much into it. So, Google went in and did the thing they do best; simplifying things yet advancing them. What came of Google wanting to make VR was a machine of the future?  Google Cardboard. This VR machine takes a practical almost elementary approach to a futuristic concept with it’s cardboard exterior, and use of big ole’ lenses.      

     While those fat cats with their oculus rifts hook them up to their computers with their software installed just for it,  Google Cardboard only requires your phone. All you need to do  for Google Cardboard is put your phone into the cardboard VR machine and you’re in. From there you can install apps from the Google Play Store or App Store made especially for Google Cardboard. These apps just use motion to control the  camera so you can move by turning your head, and through transmitting two of the same streaming videos on your phone. By projecting it through the lenses you perceive the video as a 3 dimensional world. This can be used for many things. Users can be on a street  walking in Tokyo then Paris. Then  you can go to a museum and view old tribal masks up close. Other apps have you play games such as rail shooters in VR;  even flappy bird made its appearance.

     For future uses, we can finally see education and learning through 3D environments. Just imagine exploring the inside of the body with VR or even the inside of a space station, all without the costs of field trips actually going there! As you can see with the short amount of time google has been using this as a way to build interest in the VR scene. So jump into the world of VR and prepare to be part of the future.images