Google Classroom Mobile App Has Arrived!

Burlington High School Help Desk

Note: Currently, the Classroom iOS app is a bit tricky to find in the App Store, but my tech savvy students found it! Here’s how they did it: students launched the Google search app (in the App Store) then clicked on “related.” From there, they scrolled to the end of the second row of Google apps and found it towards the very end of the row. That should do the trick! Or, you can skip all that and just click on the link below or click on the screenshot of the Classroom app. Both will take you directly to the App Store. From there tap “Get” and you’re good to go!

Student First Impressions

“It’s so much easier,” said my student Kerri Urquhart, a BHS freshman when she installed the Google Classroom iPad app. Isn’t that what this whole technology integration in the classroom is all about?

We Asked For…

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