Field Trip to Creativity Lab


On Wednesday, December 10th, the Lynnfield Student Helpdesk went on a field trip to Peabody Public Library to check out their Creativity Lab. The Creativity Lab is a makerspace that contains a number of different tools for people to utilize in their creative endeavours. Some of the tools that they had included 3d printers, a milling machine, a laser engraver, graphic design stations, a sewing station, and a woodshop.

The unanimous favorite part of the field trip was the 3D Printers.  Students enjoyed searching for 3D designs on and were fascinated with watching the designs they had chosen print. If used in a school setting, the help desk students agreed that visual arts and design classes as well as computer science classes would benefit from using 3d printing.

The Creativity Lab teaches a variety of classes to learn about the technology they offer.  Here is the calendar and here is their FAQ.  It was a very worthwhile field trip and students enjoyed the hands on learning and interactive features of the lab.