Introducing Anthony Metrano

Who is he?

This week, we are talking to one of our younger members of the LHS Student Helpdesk. Anthony Metrano is a sophomore, and his brother Nic also attends LHS as a freshman. Outside of school, he has a variety of hobbies. He is one of the top runners on the cross-country team, runs track, enjoys riding ATVs, sailing, and practices Muay Thai, a martial art originating from Thailand.

What is his background?

He joined helpdesk because he wanted to become more familiar with working with technology. He has always been interested in technology, and wanted to use this opportunity to expand his technological prowess. He considers his specialty to be anything Apple, and has a number of their products at home. To name a few, he has an IMac, Macbook pro, Apple TV, IPhone, IPad, and a few IPods. Needless to say, he knows his stuff when it comes to Apple products.

What does he want to learn?

During his time in Helpdesk, he wants to learn more about the process of helping people, and how to become a better teacher. He has enjoyed collaborating with the LHS faculty and working with students to help them with whatever problems they may have, and helping to teach them how to use technology effectively in the classroom. In his short time here, he has become Google Apps for Education Certified using the Google Ninja program. Anthony thinks that “the Helpdesk is a great environment to get to know the school, students, faculty, and technology in a more beneficial way.”

What does he want to do?

He isn’t exactly sure what he wants to do later in life, but is considering some form of Engineering degree. His father owns a construction company, so Anthony may be looking into a career as an architect. He mentioned that it may be along the lines of Structural Engineering or Civil Engineering, but said he still has not decided just yet.

PC or Mac?

Considering the number of Apple products he owns, naturally he decided that the Mac was the superior system. He has had their products for his entire life, so using them comes naturally and he considers them much more user-friendly than PCs.

Thanks for reading, and be on the lookout next week for the other new additions to the Lynnfield High School Student Helpdesk!