Introducing Gabe Fadel

Lynnfield High School’s Student Helpdesk has been growing over the last few years, and this year we have added a number of new students to our roster. As a result of this rapid expansion, we have decided to interview the new members, asking them a series of questions, and getting to know a little more about them. Hopefully, this will help our readers know just who is in the LHS Helpdesk.These posts will explore the students’ backgrounds, their expectations of Helpdesk, and their career aspirations. We will release these on a weekly basis, until all the new members have been covered.

Who is he?

This week, we are welcoming Gabriel Demitrius Fadel into the Helpdesk. Gabe is a senior here at Lynnfield High School, and his brother Sebastian is also on the Helpdesk. Gabe is on the cross country team at LHS, but outside of school he enjoys reading, playing video games, and writing every now and then.

What is his background?

He joined Helpdesk because he has always been interested in technology, and knew about it, but it never worked with his schedule until this year. He also worked at MIT over this past summer, and wanted to continue that kind of IT experience. At MIT, his official title was a Multimedia Technical Support Specialist. This meant that he worked in the Media Lab, fixing and maintaining existing systems, as well as helping to build new ones. He considers his specialty to be hardware, very much evidenced by his work at MIT. “The position offered a unique opportunity to explore IT support as a career.”

What does he want to learn?

As a part of the Helpdesk, he hopes to learn more about the process of helping people, and how to do so effectively, and see if he may want to pursue IT as a career path. He has found it very helpful to go into teachers’ classrooms and assist them with various problems, seeing as it is similar to what he would be doing in an IT position.

What does he want to do?

Right now, he has his eyes set on a joint degree in Computer Science and Electronics Engineering. He would like to become either a programmer or someone who designs and builds new hardware.

PC or Mac?

Hesitant to give an answer at first, Gabe eventually answered that he would rather have a Mac, but that each of the systems served different purposes, so his choice may differ depending on what it would be used for.

Thanks for reading, and be on the lookout next week for the other new additions to the Lynnfield High School Student Helpdesk!