Doodle Online Scheduling by Nick Fabrizio

Name: (Doodle)

 Link: (

 Platforms:  (Web Browser)

 Cost: (Free version available, multiple paid versions also available.)

 Summary: (Doodle is a web application that allows you to make a poll of scheduled meeting or event times.This allows that user to plan an event based on the time that was most popular among the poll and also shows how many people are available at that time)


Classroom Uses:

Schedule times for study groups, meetings, work periods, etc. Doodle can also be used to create polls that can be used in or out of class.


Workflow:  The poll or time schedule can be put in sync with a calendar allowing the poll to only be answered at a certain time or correspond to a certain date.

Collaboration: Allows people to access the poll through email or a link.