Powtoons Review by Nick Fabrizio


 Name: (Powtoons)

 Link: (http://www.powtoon.com/)

 Platforms:  (Chrome Web Browser)

 Cost: (Free version available, multiple paid versions also available.)

 Summary: (Powtoons is a web app the allows you to create and edit multiple animated slides like powerpoint. Powtoons has a wide variety of pre made animations and transitions to help add creativity to your slides. Unlike powerpoint Powtoons uses a video format allowing it to be uploaded as a video to site’s like Youtube. )


Exemplar:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44EEicBtwmk



Classroom Uses:

  1. Projects that require creativity.
  2. Great alternative to a poster.
  3. Great alternative to a power point.




Workflow:  When the video is finished students can upload them to video sharing and social media sites using the embed tools they can also share a link to the video posted on the powtoons website with their teacher.

Collaboration: Students can not share or add editors to the projects they must be worked on alone or with other students at the same computer.

Saving/Draft:  Work is saved on their website and can be saved and resumed as you log in and out of their website.