ThingLink Review by Anthony Metrano


Name: ThingLink


Platforms:  iOS, web version

Cost: Free. With the option of 2 premium accounts that cost either $250/month, and $1,500/month. (First month is free!)

Summary: ThingLink is a website/app that allows you to import any photo into the website/app and from there you can make it an interactive photo. What do I mean you ask? I’ll explain that here, (also see my example below). Tags can be added to the photo with a little icon, that you get to choose. In the tag(s), descriptions can be added on what you are explaining, embedded photos in that tag can be inserted, via a link. In addition to those, a link to a website, or a video from YouTube can be inserted, via a link.

Classroom Uses: ThingLink can be used to present a photo related to a topic covered in class, in a variety of ways, as explained above. The app/website is extremely interactive, and fun to use. Students will enjoy exploring this app/website, and will have fun while completing a project (hopefully).


Considerations: Can be shared via email, google+, twitter, facebook, etc. A personal channel can be created where your projects will be saved, only if you have saved them to that channel.

The project has privacy settings that can be adjusted, your choices are either public; where its open for everyone to see and interact with, and also share with anyone they choose. Secondly, there is an “unlisted” option where only you or anyone with the link can see and interact with it. Finally, there is a small check box with the option to allow others to edit. This could be used in the case where a teacher/students needs to/ wants to have editing rights to that project.