Tellagami Review by Anthony Metrano


Name: Tellegami


Platforms:  iOS (app store), Android (google play)

Cost: This is a FREE app. But it does offer in app purchases for $1.99. Adds text boxes, more background options, increased recording time (90secs total) and the character will speak for you


Free Version: Tellagami can be used in a variety of ways. You can present anything. With a photo you can set it in the background and have your personalized character talk about what you are showing with your voice. It will record for up to only 30sec(s). You can draw, erase, customize characters and more. Projects created in Gami are always saved in your camera roll, ONLY if you have saved the project in the app, after recording your voice.

Purchases: There is a “premium version” where you can buy an in app purchase for $1.99, which allows for 90 seconds of recording time and additional background options. With that purchase, instead of your own own voice being recorded, you have the option of typing whatever you want in the text box, and then the character will speak for you, for 90 seconds. Also, you can customize your character with more options such as hairstyle, or clothing for example.



Classroom Uses: short presentations of a picture, with a voice over option (by recording your own voice). Use with vocabulary, great for airplay through the smart board, from the iPad.



  • Workflow:  through a link by email
  • Collaboration: you can work with 1 picture, record your voice for 30 sec(s).
  • Saving/Draft: Gami can only be saved once the voice is recorded. You press the save option, in the side bar menu. If not, after a few minutes, once the app is closed the project will be deleted.


**Note** This app can do a good job when it works correctly, however for school use the app is not very dependable.  It has many flaws, such as not uploading, deleting presentations if not saved, and sometimes the app crashes.