Haikudeck by Zack Glowik


Name: Haikudeck

Link: http://www.haikudeck.com

Platforms:  iOS and Web app (more platforms in development)

Cost: Free

Summary: Haikudeck is a simple and easy-to-use presentation creation program. It allows the user to quickly and easily create simple yet visually appealing presentations. Haikudeck provides the user with a number of tools to allow them to create graphs, find backgrounds, and customize slides to an extent. Being a free app, it does not go as in depth as other presentation creators, but for what it is, it does a good job of it.

Exemplar:   https://www.haikudeck.com/p/mqTsd0ctYQ/big-text

Classroom Uses: Haikudeck is made to allow the user to create simple slideshow presentations. It is an easy to use Powerpoint alternative, but does not have the same functionality. It is a slightly watered-down version of Powerpoint of Google Slides, but is good for getting information out quickly. A good looking presentation can be made up in a matter of minutes.


Workflow:  Has a number of different sharing methods, including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Pinterest. The user can also get a link directly to the slideshow, and export as a Powerpoint or PDF, making for easy sharing in a classroom environment.

Collaboration: No live collaboration. Students would have to share an account to be able to edit.

Saving/Draft:  All edits are saved almost immediately in the cloud, and all presentations an account has made are saved, allowing the user to work on them later.